TROY T5020 MICR Ink Refill

    Full Description

    *This product is to be used with the TROY T5020 MICR Printer. We do not recommend TROY MICR ink be used in a Canon® G5020 Printer.

    TROY T5020 MICR Ink Refill

    Standard Canon Ink Part Number: 3383C001

    Works with TROY T5020 MICR Printer

    Yield: 6,000*

    TROY MICR Ink meets or exceeds the highest check printing standards, including ABA and ANSI standards. Our MICR ink is precision-matched to meet the print characteristics of each printer. Produced to the tightest specifications, our MICR ink offer you quality, reliability, and security.

    Precise ink formulation provides sharp print characteristics with minimized risk of smearing to help guarantee concise bank readability and to help prevent check scraping (a common fraud technique) and bank fees for you.

    OEM printer reliability is not compromised when using ink produced by TROY. TROY’s unique manufacturing and testing process has resulted in an ink which is precision-matched for each unit helping to maintain optimum performance of your printer.

    *Based on 5% coverage.