TROY M611dn MICR Secure Ex Printer

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    Full Description

    The highest level of functionality and security available in a MICR printer. Secure your check printing workflow while handling your day-to-day processes efficiently. On-demand check printing functionality and added security saves you time and money, while reducing your fraud risks. This solution works with preprinted stock or with blank check stock.

    Specifically designed to print checks and other financial documents in house, you can print the entire check including E13-B MICR characters. Streamline your process. Meet banking guidelines. And, reduce fraud risks.

    Security features & functionality include:

    TROYMark Intelligent Anti-Tampering Technology: prints a watermark diagonally across each check with data pulled from the check
    Paper Tray Locks and Steel Shielding: protects valuable blank paper stock from being stolen
    Secure 3-position Keylock: Physically disables print functionality to prevent unauthorized printing of checks
    Encryption & Decryption: ensures protection of sensitive print data over a network. Only ""unlocks"" and prints the data only when it is received at the TROY printer.

    The included security features combined with TROY MICR Toner secure, the World’s Most Secure MICR Toner, ensures each printed check is tamper resistant. Works with blank check stock by adding the MICR line at the point of print or use with preprinted check stock to protect the payee and amount. Ask about adding digital signatures to complete the check printing solution.

    Enjoy HP award-winning reliability combined with optimized security from TROY to produce the world’s most fraud resistant MICR printer on the market.

    For a full listing of features and functionality, please view the TROY datasheet under Documents & Files.