On-The-Go Mobile Check Printing Bundle

  • Portable Convenience: The TROY 200 Mobile MICR Printer is compact, lightweight, and fits in briefcases or backpacks, ideal for printing checks anywhere.
  • Enhanced Security: TROY’s MICR Ink ensures smudge and tamper-resistant checks, meeting all ANSI and ABA banking standards.
  • High-Quality Check Stock: SECURITY PLUS check paper offers advanced fraud and forgery prevention technologies.
  • Reliable Performance: Combining TROY’s precision-matched toner with the portable printer guarantees high readability and reliability, maintaining optimum laser printer performance.
Full Description

Achieve secure, efficient, and mobile check printing with the On-The-Go Mobile Printing Bundle. This comprehensive bundle includes the TROY 200 Mobile MICR Printer, an extra cartridge of TROY’s high-quality MICR Ink, and a ream of SECURITY PLUS check paper.

The TROY 200 Mobile MICR Printer is perfect for on-the-go professionals, weighing just seven pounds and fitting easily into briefcases or backpacks. TROY’s MICR Ink provides smudge and tamper-resistant checks, ensuring your documents meet all banking standards. SECURITY PLUS check paper enhances security with advanced fraud and forgery prevention features. Enjoy the reliable, high-quality performance and convenience of this mobile printing solution, making it easier than ever to print checks securely from any location.


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