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HP MICR Printers For Secure Check Printing

In 1993, HP approached TROY interested in a partnership to provide their customers with MICR capabilities. Motivated by this new partnership, the TROY MICR Printer was born. As an HP Partner still today, TROY is excited with every new HP printer released knowing the capabilities and technological advancements outweigh the previous version.

MICR Printers

Check printing can be a complicated process. This is where we come to the rescue. We have been the check printing experts for over 55 years. TROY MICR printers are manufactured with the highest quality and we’re the only authorized manufacturer of HP MICR printers in the world! You save time, money, and headaches by choosing a MICR printer from TROY backed by HP technology.

Check Printing Process

Our MICR printers come with MICR fonts and a standard MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) toner to give you a complete check printing solution. Working with your check printing software (or ask about ours), you are now ready to begin printing on blank check stock. Most of our MICR printers come with hard fonts which reside within the printer to communicate with your software. The MICR line is then printed with the rest of the check all in one pass through the printer. Using blank check stock can save you between .06-.10 cents per check.

Cost-effective check fraud prevention

There are two things which haven’t changed over time: 1) Check fraud is still a real threat and, 2) Banks and organizations still enjoy saving money. TROY MICR Printers offer a cost-effective way for organizations to prevent check fraud at a low cost per ownership.

What is the difference between HP and TROY printers?

TROY and HP have enjoyed a partnership for over 30 years. That is why HP trusts TROY to turn their standard printers into high security check printers. The standard HP printers are not equipped to print checks out of the box. With TROY MICR Printers, you get an out of the box solution. We take the standard HP printers and add our MICR fonts, MICR toner, and firmware* for added check printing security. These combined components give you a total check printing solution which helps you eliminate the need to "piece out" all of the separate parts needed to print checks. When you buy TROY MICR printers you know that you are getting the highest security from not only TROY but also HP.

*Not available on all models.