TROY M506/M527mfp/M507/M528mfp Secure Input Tray

    Full Description

    The TROY M500 Series locking paper tray prevent unauthorized access to your valuable paper stock. These locking trays have been designed and custom engineered to fit each security printer, helping to prevent paper pilferage and theft. Secure paper trays can be used to regulate chain of custody, to protect from accidental interference while handling important documents, as well as controlling the amount of potential paper wasted.

    Compatible Models:

    M506, M507, M527, M528

    Safeguard High-Value Paper Stock
    Secure locking trays provide only authorized personnel with access to high-value paper stock.

    Prevent Paper Theft
    Paper tray shielding helps prevent paper removal from the back of your printer.

    Minimize Risk
    Corruption, theft, fraud, and forgery are potential and costly risks that can occur if a valuable document, or high value paper stock ends up in the wrong hands.

    Sheet Capacity : 550

    Height : 19
    Length : 20
    Width : 11
    Weight (lbs.) : 12