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AssurePay Software

AssurePay Check Writing Software

AssurePay is perfect for banks, credit unions, and corporate entities. An easy to use check printing solution, AssurePay enables issuers to create, authorize, and print checks from within organizations’ current accounting systems for on-demand check printing. What about reporting? Absolutely. Reporting features add another level of security and tracking, with multiple audit reports available. There are two versions of the ASsurePay software available, AssurePay Corporate Edition and AssurePay Teller Addition.

AssurePay Corporate Edition

AssurePay Corporate Edition offers users unrivaled security control and functionality for internal security of the check printing process. AssurePay has been designed to streamline production of corporate checks. Users of AssurePay no longer have to manage and purchase costly preprinted stocks or use several different machines to burst and sign checks independently of the printing process. AssurePay also fully supports Positive Pay and EFT, offering the flexibility to process payments electronically when needed.

AssurePay Teller Edition

Designed specifically for banks and credit unions printing ten checks a month or hundreds of checks a day,  AssurePay Teller Edition will streamline the check printing process. TROY’s exclusive features enable users to print starter checks, deposit slips, cashier’s checks, loan coupons, and other teller documents securely in-house while the customer waits. AssurePay Teller Edition is easy to use and enables the front line to print bank documents for customers when they need them. It also protects clients against fraudulent use of starter checks.

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